Cycling – FAQs

Yes, you can. In fact, over 50% of our members are from other countries.

Yes, you are welcome to join the induction ride and join us for a complimentary breakfast after your first induction ride before you have paid your membership. However, you must pay the membership fees if you want to continue to ride with us.

You can come and try a couple (one or two) of our rides before you pay to join the club. However, once you have decided that you enjoy riding with us, and want to continue to ride, we ask that you pay the membership fee. You should also note that you will not be eligible for any of the club benefits (with the exception of the club breakfast after your first induction ride), and you will not be covered by ANZA’s public liability insurance (where applicable) until you are a paid-up member.

The induction ride is held two times per month. The main induction ride is on the same day as club breakfast (last Saturday of the month) and the second, minor induction is held 2 weeks later (middle of the month). The meeting point is outside the Coffee Bean and Tea Lead at the corner of Cuscaden Rd and Orchard Road. We meet at 5.45am for the pre-ride briefing. Please sign up by contacting the team on facebook, or by filling out your information on the following link:

Note that this is not an introduction to cycling ride, but an introduction to the club. We’ll take you through all the club rules, calls and how we roll in order that everybody can have a safer ride. We’ll also advise you which rides might suit you. More details can be found in the Facebook page.

Yes, we ask that all new riders join the ride. It is not an introduction to cycling, but an introduction to the club. We’ll take you through all the club rules, calls and how we roll in order that everybody can have a safer ride. We’ll also advise you which rides might suit you.

The on-line kit shop opens roughly once every few months for a couple of weeks. It is open to members only. The kit will be delivered about 8 weeks after the shop closes. Around the beginning of the second quarter every year there is a new kit. Kit will be available at the kit launch for direct purchase (subject to availability, first come, first served).

Our primary method of communication about day to day events is via Facebook and Whatsapp. All members are encouraged to join the ANZA Cycling Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook account try to use one of a family member, or set one up and just use it to access our page. If you set one up in a different name please send us a message to let us know that your pseudonym. Once you join, you will be added to the Whatsapp communications groups. If you have not, please contact your nearest committee member!

ANZA Cycling memberships expire at the end of the same month you joined in a given year, ANZA memberships expire exactly 12 months after you joined. Unfortunately, we cannot make them the same at this time. Larger disparities may be because you originally joined ANZA for a different reason and joined ANZA Cycling later.

Firstly, it is a way of giving our sponsors visibility and repay their support. This is important as their sponsorship keeps the membership fees low and provides the benefits like club social evenings, club breakfast, subsidised trips, etc. Secondly, it allows everybody to identify you as a member of the club, know that you are riding with them, help you out if you get into difficulty, etc.

No, we don’t expect members to own multiple sets. However, we do ask that members wear this year’s kit on Saturday rides and especially on the first Saturday of the month. On other days, you can still wear your kit, if it is available, or wear a previous year’s kit if you have one. You can also feel free to show off the latest cycle fashion that you have purchased elsewhere.

Your membership is valid until the end of the 12th month from the date you joined.

No, the only way to process your membership payment is through the ANZA Cycling web page

Yes, you can only join or renew your ANZA Cycling membership if you are a member of the ANZA Organisation. This is because ANZA provides the Cycling Club with a number of benefits, most notably public liability insurance cover, payment services and access to a broader range of sponsors. You must also keep your ANZA membership current to maintain your ANZA Cycling membership.

All new riders must join the induction ride before they ride regularly with us. However, we understand that sometimes people are away for the induction ride and have to miss it. If you do join a regular ride before joining the induction be sure to have read our road rules on the website ( and the description of how we roll. Lastly, make sure you introduce yourself to the group and explain that you are a new rider with the club. This point will allow others around you to help explain how we roll, make them more accepting of any mistakes and make for a safer ride for everybody.

You cannot join club events or trips until you have become a current financial member of ANZA Cycling and the main ANZA Organisation.

No, we cannot. However, there are some places in Singapore where you can rent one. Search on our Facebook page for current recommendations.

Road bikes are appropriate for our road rides. Mountain bikes should only be used when riding with the Mountain bike section of our club. TT/Tri bikes can be ridden in the pace line, but we ask that riders do not use the aero bars in the pace line and keep their hands near/on the brake levers. TT/tri bikes may ride more than 10m behind groups on their aero bars. The triathlon section will also post rides on their Facebook page for TT/tri riders to go out in groups. However, these will not be paceline rides. Hybrid/city bikes are not appropriate for club rides as the speeds are too high.

No, most of our average ride speeds are above 28km/h. Rental city bikes are not appropriate for these speeds