Athletics – About


While having a competitive element to it, ANZA Athletics is more about participation than who wins. It is about developing fitness through a safe and healthy sport. ANZA Athletics involves warm-up sessions, specific training in each of the running, throwing and jumping events, and encouragement and guidance from coaches and parents. In addition to improving the individual athletic performances, a key aim is for the children to develop a sense of sportsmanship by supporting each other in their efforts. As children from many schools take part in ANZA Athletics, new friendships are formed throughout the season. We do have a reward system, but it is primarily based on recognising personal best performances, which means everybody has a goal to aim at each week.

The timekeepers, place setters and measuring officials are all parents, some with little or no experience, but without their efforts, the meets would not happen. So the importance of parental participation cannot be stressed enough. This includes arriving on time for your rostered event and assisting the children as best you can.


ANZA Athletics is a not-for-profit organisation. The fees are set by the Committee, and the 2020/21 full season fees are SGD 325 per child. Families must hold ANZA membership throughout the season to participate. ANZA membership is open to all nationalities. The ANZA office can be contacted at  Click here to Join ANZA!

Age limit

ANZA Athletics is open to girls and boys from 5 to 14 years of age. A child’s age on September 1 determines the age group for the entire season. For clarification, if a child is 15 on September 1, then he/she is ineligible. Athletes may move up an age group if they would prefer, but they are not permitted to join a younger group even if their best friends are in that group. Part of ANZA Athletics is about making new friends.


Every child is provided with an ANZA Athletics singlet and a membership number, which must be sewn to the front of each singlet and worn to every meet.


Running shoes must be worn to all events. The shoes should have flexible soles and firm supporting heels. The shoes should be laced/secured so that the foot cannot move in the shoe. Spikes can be worn by U9-U15 age groups for all hurdles, 70m, 100m, 200m and 400m events. These are track events where athletes compete in separate lanes. This means no spikes for 800m, 1,100m or 1,500m. Spikes may also be worn for long jump and triple jump, but not high jump. Basketball shoes and soccer boots are not permitted.

Start time

Meetings are held at the Toa Payoh Stadium on Friday evenings at 4:30pm. It is important that children arrive early to allow time to warm up and stretch.

Wet weather

We strive to hold the meets rain or shine. Should thunder and lightning persist, a decision will be made at 4.00pm whether to scale back the program for the evening or cancel the meet.

First Aid

There is a First Aid station at every meet with a nurse and/or qualified First Aid trained person in attendance.


Should you have any queries regarding ANZA Athletics, the committee will be only too happy to assist you. Click here to contact us.